Brand New

With its many beautiful cities and amazing locations (Venice, Rome, Florence, Verona… just to name a few) Italy is the best Country where to be groom and bride! In this charming format a couple of fiancés will arrive in beautiful place in Italy, where they have to overcome 3 funny but demanding trails, inspired by the local Italian traditions (blowing the glass in Venice like an artisan glass blowers of Murano, dancing a typical Neapolitan tarantella…): the more trials they pass, the richer their wedding present will be! At the end of this incredible adventure they can finally get married, celebrating their fantastic wedding in a very picturesque and unforgettable location.

A complete cost effective full-package production team on locations. A unique mix of a travel and emotainment show.

MY WEDDING DREAM IN ITALY: he only format with the typical Italian Dolce Vita!