Proud to have produced Fight Back THE FIRST ORIGINAL UNSCRIPTED FORMAT AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE METAVERSE.  The first episode premiered last Thursday 23rd March at 9:00 pm and it can be seen only by all those who enter the Mevaverse of The Nemesis. The whole series will be seen in the next 2 months.

Fight Back is hosted by Marco Mazzoli, the Italian DJ leading the most popular radio show (Lo Zoo di 105), together with his 2 historical co-hosts (Fabio Alisei and Paolo Noise). In each episode 2 contestants (the “fighters”) clashed over a sensible topic (conspiracy, veganism…) on which they have a diametrically opposite position. Marco, Fabio and Paolo, together with the “meta-judges”, decide the harsh, but also funny punishments, until the announcement of the “winner”.

The many thousands of users who enter the Metaverse of THE NEMESIS not only attended the show on the 2 screens (indoor and outdoor), but also faced the “virtual challenges” scattered all around in order to win points to spend in various experiences, interacted with the “virtual corners” of the sponsors and left more than 2 millions of messages in the chat.

If you’d like to take a look click here: