The exclusive creative force for new generation contents

Format Espresso Creative Hub is an exclusive Academical Project in partnership with some of the best Italian Universities.

Format Espresso Creative Hub is composed by about +90 carefully selected Media & Communication students that, under the careful guidance of Format Espresso Team, develop new & innovative concepts for paper formats.

Format Espresso Creative Hub offers its students additional and top-notch learning experience – with both a theoretical and an extremely empirical approach. The students work side by side with esteemed global professionals of the content industry over specific briefs, in order to create new impactful & innovative paper formats in an organic, unprecedented way.


Born to harness the creativity of young and brilliant minds, FORMAT ESPRESSO CREATIVE HUB is an innovative and unique tool to create cutting edge contents for the contemporary global markets.
And, above all, it is completely free of any charges for the partners.

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