The German based prodco MOVEME and the Israeli based prodco GILFORMATS have also started a creative partnership with our innovative academic tool made of +90 talents of Gen Z. The creative sessions with our young and brilliant minds to find out cutting edge contents for the new generation of viewers have already started!

Proud to have produced Fight Back THE FIRST ORIGINAL UNSCRIPTED FORMAT AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE METAVERSE.  The first episode premiered last Thursday 23rd March at 9:00 pm and it can be seen only by all those who enter the Mevaverse of The Nemesis. The whole series will be seen in the next 2 months.

Fight Back is hosted by Marco Mazzoli, the Italian DJ leading the most popular radio show (Lo Zoo di 105), together with his 2 historical co-hosts (Fabio Alisei and Paolo Noise). In each episode 2 contestants (the “fighters”) clashed over a sensible topic (conspiracy, veganism…) on which they have a diametrically opposite position. Marco, Fabio and Paolo, together with the “meta-judges”, decide the harsh, but also funny punishments, until the announcement of the “winner”.

The many thousands of users who enter the Metaverse of THE NEMESIS not only attended the show on the 2 screens (indoor and outdoor), but also faced the “virtual challenges” scattered all around in order to win points to spend in various experiences, interacted with the “virtual corners” of the sponsors and left more than 2 millions of messages in the chat.

If you’d like to take a look click here:

Happy and honored to have hold 2 learning lessons (long-term trends in uscripted + Metaverse & new technologies) at the IPXchange of Köln, the 1st Independent Producers’ X-change. Gathering more than 40 independent production companies from across Europe this 2-days event (26th and 27th March) allows people to know new producers and to discover what’s new in the unscripted field.

Another partner for our CREATIVE HUB: also CONSTANTIN ENTERTAINMENT, the big German prodco, decided to use our innovative academic tool for creating innovative ideas! The virtual sessions with our +90 media students have just started: at the end of March a dozens of fresh and bold concepts will be ready.

See how it work in our website!

BMH & FE are excited to announce their Production Partnership. This new collaboration aims to foster and encourage the development and production of new international projects.

Bloom is an Italian television production company based in Milan which goal is to create and produce high quality audiovisual contents for the international markets. What makes Bloom a real Media House are its 4 divisions: Bloom TV (division specialized in unscripted projects, from factual to docu-series, from creation of original projects to adaptation of international formats), Bloom DOC (that produces creative documentaries and docu-series aimed at an international audience with the goal to tell local stories that can raise awareness and inspire audiences in every part of the world), Bloom EDU (specialized in the creation of training videos for companies, schools, freelancers and online platforms) and Bloom FILM (division that develops and produces scripted products for cinemas and other platforms).

Due to its incredible results (the average share of January was 38.7%!), the third series of Just1Letter on the public channel of Swiss television has been reconfirmed. It will be on air from late August to the end of January for 110 new episodes.

And that’s not all: the format has been optioned in the US and a pilot is currently under production, with a big surprise! Update soon…

After TALPA CONCEPT and TRESOR TV, also the European prodco ECCHOLINE (Peking Express, Ninja Warrior) has made a creative partnership with our CREATIVE HUB to develop innovative ideas and boost existing formats.

We are thrilled to start new creative sessions with our young and brilliant minds in order to create cutting edge contents for the new generation of viewers!