The brand-new game show JUST 1 LETTER premiered the 30th 2021 August on LA1, the first channel of RSI, the public Italian Swiss television. Originally scheduled for 85 daily episodes (till 24 December), after the first week of exceptional result (46% of average share in its slots, with peaks of 54,6%!), it has been already lengthened by 10 extra episodes, for all the Christmas period. The second series will be on air 29th August 2022 for other 95 episodes



2 contestants who play together give their brains a workout by trying to complete mesmerizing word chains. But there’s a twist – every new answer is the same as the previous one, except for 1 letter!  3 different and exciting rounds for a game which has only 1 simple, very original rule. Sometimes 1 letter can make wonders! And you, are you a LOSER or a LOVER?